First Growth Wines is an Australian specialist importer and seller of
Bernard Brémont Champagnes
  By importing our excellent Grand Cru Champagnes, our prime focus at First Growth Wines is to bring to Australia wines of the best Quality, Value and Distinction.
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The Champagne region extends over a large area to the north of Burgundy. On the lower map on the right one can see it extends across the departments of the Aisne, the Marne and the Aube. The main villages are named on the map, with those in capital letters being Grand Cru.
The main (and the best known) vineyards of Champagne are around the city of Reims and the town of Épernay. They can be broken in 3 distrint areas.
The Montagne de Reims has vineyards the north, east and west and are best regarded for their Pinot Noir. It is here that we find all of the Grand Cru villages producing Pinot Noir.
The Côte des Blancs to the south contains the balance of the Grand Cru Champagne villages and is (as the name suggests) renowned for its Chardonnay.
To the west, extending half way to Paris is the Marne Valley. Mostly planted with the inferior variety Pinot Meunier, it is here where a large proportion of the grower champagnes are produced which mostly find their way onto the French market.
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From the Grand Cru village of Ambonnay in Champagne we import the wines of
Buy Quality and Value Grand Cru Champagne
Buy Quality and Value Grand Cru Champagne
Performing the "retrousse" (turning over of the skins) in a traditional champagne press in the Marne Valley
The modern Moët et Chandon press house near Épernay