First Growth Wines is an Australian specialist importer and seller of
Bernard Brémont Champagnes
  By importing our excellent Grand Cru Champagnes, our prime focus at First Growth Wines is to bring to Australia wines of the best Quality, Value and Distinction.
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Domaine Jean DAUVISSAT Pere et Fils

This estate is is located in the village of Milly, in the centre of the Chablis vineyards. It is managed by Philip and his son Fabien, who represents the fourth generation of winemakers. Although not associated with the other 2 more famous Dauvissat families, there wines show the purity and minerality only found in the best Chablis.
The estate produces wines of Chablis appellation from about 17 hectares including 5 premier cru wines (abouit 4.5 ha) using sustainable agriculural methods.
Young winemaker Fabien Dauvissat
Chablis AC vintage 2013
Arriving mid December