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Domaine du GUERET - Beaujolais

Located in Chénas, in the north of Beaujolais, the Domaine du Guéret has been under the ownership for many generations of the Favre-Curtelin family, the family of Catherine Delaunay. The domaine covers 13 ha: 3.4 ha in Saint-Germain-sur-l’Arbresle in the Beaujolais appellation and about 10 ha in the appellation Moulin-à-Vent, in the lieu-dit vineyards of La Bruyère. This vineyard with its full southern aspect and with an old planting of Gamay vines, is counted amongst the best terroirs of the appellation.
The steep slopes make full mechanisation almost impossible and require a constant struggle against erosion. The vines produce very low yields of grapes which are harvested by hand. In the traditional Beaujolais manner, the fruit is vinified using only whole bunches, and the wine is then partially aged in oak barrels in the 18th century cellars.
Since 2005, Catherine Delaunay-Favre, renowned as one the best of her generation, has overseen the making of the wine and its maturation. The recent death of her father has also led her to take charge of the all aspect of the domaine’s viticulture. Under her control, the wines have received many recommendations over the last few years.
The Beaujolais is rich and voluminous while the Moulin-à-Vent is deep, with aromas of iris and violet, some liquorice notes and elegant tannins which give it excellent potential for ageing. A wine of depth and quality that would rival its Pinot Noir cousins for longevity.
Domaine du Guéret Beaujolais  "Moulin-à-Vent" 2012 - $27.50 per bottle
"The appelation of Moulin-à-Vent is known as the 'King of Beaujolais', thanks to a combination of its age, its size and its concentrated flavours and longevity of its wines....Moulin-à-Vent covers more than 670 ha of acidic, manganese-rich land in the northern part of the Beaujolais district. The manganese in the soil is often credited with giving the wines their rich flavours and deep colour, as well as a powerful aroma of flowers and ripe fruits and an unusual capacity for development in the cellar - up to 20 years for the best wines."  Robert Joseph - French Wines.
This is a very perfumed wine with excellent Gamay fruit and stemmy, carbonic notes. It is a serious burgundy. Distinctly beaujolais, but with many layers of flavour that give it a real Côte d'Or-like wine structure. It's still very youthful with soft, but obvious tannins complimented by sophisticated oak handling. Given the great vintage, it's a wine that will also reward extended cellaring.
Domaine du Guéret Beaujolais AC 2012 - $20.00 per bottle
Made from Gamay fruit from the general Beaujolais region (see map above). This wine is slightly lighter in style to the Moulin-à-Vent with no oak influence. More towards the style that one expects of beaujolais, but with a few more layers of depth and complexity.